• Dubai is one of the most vibrant and fastest growing cities in the world.
  • Dubai is the most attractive Global Real Estate investment destination, ahead of Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, Moscow, London & New York.
  • The real estate sector recorded 69,069 transactions with a value of AED 284.5 billions during 2017.
  • “Indian Nationals topped the list of Foreigners in Investment in property with approx. Rs 30000 Crores in 2017 and Rs. 42000 Crores during 2018. This year 2019 is also showing aggressive Investment from India as well as China.”


Why Choose Zeenat Global


  • Customer centric approach
  • Complete support from start to the conclusion of the deal
  • Transparent & clear cut advice
  • No service charges from the investor
  • Free after sales services like rental services

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Why Invest in Dubai?

Property Ownership

100% free hold property.

Any foreigner can own property with 100% ownership.

TAX – Free Status

0% Property Tax.

0% Tax on Rental Returns.

0% Tax on Capital Gains.

Security of Investment

Dedicates Escrow account for the investment Transaction.

Law & Well Regulated MARKET.

Rental Returns

5% – 10% per annum rental returns.

0% tax on rental yields and capital appreciation


The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index 2017-18 ranks Dubai as the second safest place in the world

Strong Regulatory Authority

RERA provides a strong legal framework to safeguard buyer’s interest.