International property consultants in India

International Property Consultants In India

International property consultants in India – When it comes to buying property, searching for trustworthy dealers on which you can rely completely is extremely important. And if you are planning out to buy property in Dubai. Then no other consultant can serve you better then Zeenat Consultants. We deal in both commercial properties and residential properties with valid and verified documentation aspects. This is why we at Zeenat Global are the best international property consultants in India.

International property consultants in India

Zeenat Global is the most reliable property consultants in India, that guides the clients with transparency and provide each detail. With a number of luxurious options, we offer the best and classy properties in Dubai. In all the aspects we at Zeenat Global stand above. And serves the best as top international property consultants in India.

Why Invest in Dubai?

Dubai is the most stable city in the UAE r and if you live in Dubai then it will give you a sense of security. Here, foreigners can also invest in properties there is no boundation. You can also buy property in Dubai, if you buy property in Dubai then you can become eligible to acquire the residence visa in UAE.

  • In Dubai, when you invest in freehold property you get complete control over the land and individual property both. You can make any changes you want and also renovate the property as per your desires and needs. But, if you invest in property for rent, then the control of the property remains in the hands of the owner and if you wish to make any changes in the property you have to take the permission of the owner.
  • If you become the owner of the freehold property in Dubai then your property will be passed to the legal heir when the owner of the house passes away.
  • There are many people who are looking for apartments for rent near me in Dubai, you can give your property on rent and can earn extra income. You can also sell or give your freehold property on lease.
  • If you are the owner of the freehold property then you and your family can get a renewable UAE residence visa.
  • One of the most obvious perks of investing in off-plan property is that these not-yet-constructed projects are offered at significantly lower prices.
  • In comparison to other major cities worldwide, property prices in Dubai are much lower. Additional benefits include high capital appreciation, one of the highest ROI globally that ranges from 3-5 % in prime locations and up to 7-9% in more affordable locations.
  • In addition to unmatched payment plans directly from the developer with no interest rates and up to 9-10 years with more “Rent to own” payment plans being introduced to help first time home buyers in Dubai acquire a new place to call home.

Zeenat Global – International property consultants in India

With us, at Zeenat Global, you can invest at an international level without any sort of hassle. We offer a number of best options to our clients which are extremely imposing and beneficial to buy. Our highly professional team of professionals ensures to guide our clients with complete transparency and honesty, We offer various projects in Dubai:

  • Emaar Properties.
  • Damac Properties.
  • Sobha Realty.
  • Ellington Properties.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Zeenat Global as the best international property consultant in India. That will often provide you with great benefits for international property investment. We deal with both commercial and residential properties. We ensure to provide proper valid formalities and documentation to get the highly luxurious property. Our highly-skilled and professional sales specialists, Check below few perks of going with Zeenat Global

Perks of Choosing Zeenat Global:

  • Innumerable properties options.
  • Great Customer-support.
  • Transparency in dealings.
  • No service charges from the investor.
  • Free after-sales services like rental services

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